Our Zebra Jasper bullet pendent is the perfect piece to complement our snowflake obsidian star charm bracelet, so we have brought them together for you pairing design and value. 

Pendent is hung a high quality silver plated chain approx 20" long secured with a  T-bar clasp. The chain can be made to measure simply add a comment at checkout stating desired measurement. Our beautifully delicate star charm bracelet beads measure 4mm divided by silver plated spacers and 6mm centre star charm. Strung on extra strong elastic for ease and continuity of design with a  standard bracelet size of approximately 6 3/4" but can be made to measure, simply add a comment at checkout stating desired measurement.

Handmade in Wales

Zebra Jasper Bracelet Set

  • Snowflake Obsidian A stone of balance & purity Snowflake Obsidian aids balance to body, mind & spirit. Being volcanic in origin, it helps to draw emotions to the surface & examine harmful thought patterns removing negativity from a space or person. A stone of balance & protection, it is said to help you release negative thinking & stressful mental patterns creating a sense of calm & centring

    Zebra Jasper Jaspers are nurturers & healers. They carry a strong connection to the Earth's energy, making them beneficial for stability & strength. Zebra Jasper is a calming stone that stimulates the root chakra grounding & pulling scattered energies together

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