Large Sphalertie Tower

These Sphalerite towers with druzy all around are  a thing of beaut. Sphalerite will make sure that you are grounded, it will ward off any kind of negative or demotivating energy that threatens to affect how you work. The energies of this crystal will also help prevent emotional fatigue and exhaustion, especially when you’re going through tough times. It will help keep your spirits up when the days are dark and difficult, strengthen the love, trust, and loyalty between you and the person you love. It will dispel irrationality, irritability and it will encourage you to be more understanding and patient.

stone size 

A - 12cmx4,1/2cm - 350g 

B - 17cmx4cm - 582g

C - 17cmx6cm - 823g

D - 19cmx5cm - 727g

All of our crystals are hand selected by us and cleansed before they go out and come beautifully gift wrapped with an information card about its properties. Please note all crystal deliveries are sent by Royal Mail signed for.


Large Sphalertie Tower

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