Sodalite Tower

Our sodalite towers, also know as sunset sodalite due to the hints of brown running through them. Is a fantastic stone for those who are anxious and suffer from panic attacks as it calms the mind and brings balance and order to the mind. This aids emotional balance and enhances self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust.

Stone Sizes

A - 10cmx3cm - 128g

B - 10cmx 3,1/2cm - 94g

C - 9,1/2x2,1/2 - 91g

D - 9cmx2,1/2cm - 75g

E - 9cmx4cm - 108g

F - 9cmx2,1/2cm - 72g

G - 8,1/2cmx2cm - 64g

H - 9cmx2,1/2cm - 89g

All of our crystals are hand selected by us, cleansed and come beautifully gift wrapped with an information card about its properties.

Sodalite Tower

PriceFrom £14.00
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