Moroccan Quartz Geode

This medium size Moroccan Quartz Geodes is a stand out piece to have as home decor, these snow quartz geode are a must have for your crystal colleciton. Each one is uique naturally formed in the sediment of valconic rock, the extiera of the rock is limestone filled with snowy white crystal quartz.  White Quartz is the most powerful healing and protection stone, thought to be able to work on any condition. It is known as the stone of power and amplifies any energy or intention. Size apporx- 16cmx9cmx6cm - 626g.

All of our crystals are hand selected by us and cleansed before they go out and come beautifully gift wrapped with an information card about its properties. Please note all crystal deliveries are sent by Royal Mail signed for.

Moroccan Quartz Geode

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