Rose Quartz Healing Box
Super luxurious, relaxing and protecting crystal healing gift box. This box contains a hand poured vegan friendly soy and coconut wax candle in a sliver tin or glass tumbler, a raw Rose Quartz stone and a Selenite wand with a sage smudge stick to cleanse making this a perfect collection and an excellent gift. Silver tin is 100ml with a eco friendly rosewood wooden wick which burns cleanly in soy wax and eminats a light crackling, burn time of upto 25 hrs. Glass tumbler is 9cl with Eco wick with upto 20hr burn time. Note: Due to the natural nature of the stones size and colours may vary.Handmade in Wales

Rose Quartz Healing Box

  • Rose Quartz is the classic stone of love, promoting universal and self love whilst Selenite is a calming stone that aids deep peace and helps in meditation. Smudging cleanses and removes negative unwanted energy

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