Faden Quartz Pendant Choker

Our Faden Quartz pendants are a real statement piece. Each crystal is a unique creatation of nature hand sellected by us to bring you these bespoke limited edition one off pieces. Each crystal is set using sterling silver on a 5mm vintage black leather choker/ necklace approx 15" in length with a stainles steal magnetic clasp for ease and continuity of design, Pendant size approximately 20 x 25mm Handmade South Wales

Faden Quartz Pendant Choker

  • Faden quartz is a beautiful stone that is easily programmed to your intention placed on it. It is a calming and stabilising stone that can aid balance and heal relationships if they have become distant or fractured. The lines you see running through the crystal are signs of its own healing, Faden Quartz is formed from Quartz as it cracks and heals itself the lines are formed. 

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