Moss Agate


Moss Agate is a stone of new beginnings and abundance, it is said to balance the chakras and refresh the soul prompting spiritual growth. Being an earth element Moss agate facilitates the connection to the earth. It is said to bring abundance and fullness to all areas of life, creating a peaceful environment, both inner and outer, and encourages the enjoyment of each moment. This crystal has a particularly strong connection with the plant kingdom and deepens your own connection to the earth, encouraging you to remain centred, bringing stability. Moss Agate carries energies of persistence and endurance, as well as of success, wealth, and prosperity.

Moss Agate inspires new ideals after periods of stagnation, it helps promotes self expression and communication, it balances the emotions by releasing fear and stress and encourages trust and hope. Its energies will keep you centred and grounded Moss Agate is very effective in healing emotional trauma. It can show you how to turn your pain into strength, its ability to lift you up and let you linger in the glow of golden self-esteem and work on balancing your energies, whether you tend to be overly nurturing, a people pleaser or if you go the opposite way and struggle with feelings of raw aggression.

It is believed that on a physical level Moss Agate speeds up recovery from illness, It is anti-inflammatory cleanses the circulatory and boosts the immune system, treats infections, cold and lowers fevers.  Treats fungal and skin infections.

Wearing crystal jewellery is a fantastic way to connect with crystals.





.Wear Moss agate to dispel excessive agner or frustration. 

.Place Moss Agate around the home or work space to clear cluttered, chaotic negativity energy. 

.Wear Moss Agate to promote new beginnings, forgive and move forward in life.