If your feeling a little clouded and not sure what direction to take Larvikite is the stone for you. Larvikite can support you and clear your mind of chaotic thoughts promoting concentration.  A true protection stone that will support you in having the strength to make decisions as it repels negativity. The energies of this stone will protect you and cleanse the body removing toxins and the negative energies anything that’s harmful or no longer needed will be dispelled by Larvikite, and you will be able to enjoy a positive flow of energy. this stone can neutralise or dispel negative energies that surround you whilst keeping you grounded offering patience and clarity of mind and enhancing positive energy. The energies of this stone will protect you in your day to day activities, and it will offer protection even when you are asleep, or even when you are travelling. it can help sharpen your concentration This stone can also help you focus on the opportunities that are being presented to you Larvikite will also help ground uncertain or unstable emotions

It is believed that on a physical level Larvikite can be used to treat skin disorders and enhances vitality and youthfulness. It aids in the recovery of strokes and helps brain function, it cleanses and purifies body tissue, harmonises the metabolism and helps with muscular detoxification.  it is also sed that  Larvikite calms the nerves and will cool and reduce blood pressure.

Wearing crystal jewellery is a fantastic way to connect with crystals.





.Wear larvikite to give you the wisdom and the strength to turn your plans to reality.

.Larkivite will help you make decisions that are wise and not based on your emotions.

.Place in the northeast area of your home to remove the negative energies and promote good healthy balance. 

Setting an intention on your crystal

Once you have chosen your crystal to get started its important to set your intentions with your crystal. While all crystals have certain properties that they naturally possess and things they can support you in, it's important to let your crystals know exactly what you would like them to help you with. Setting intentions with your crystals is a powerful exercise that can help you bring more positive energy, healing, abundance and balance into your life. Whatever your personal needs are all goals start with an intention and setting that intention on your crystal is a fantastic way of getting you started on the right path and helping you manifest those goals. Sit with your chosen crystal and clear your mind, focus on your crystal and set your intention of what you would like assistance with. Focus on the connection between your words and the stone and repeat until you feel your intention has been set.  

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