If you have been drawn to this stone  you will benefit from its emotional support. Kunzite is the stone of emotion, opening &  connecting the heart & mind supporting you in making loving relationships as your life fills with love on all levels. Kunzite encourages you to release walls from your heart to receive unconditional love & abundance. A strong healing crystal for the emotions helping to relieve fear. Kunzite can help you let go of your fears and worries about the future, and it will ease your sadness and anxieties in the present and It will make you focus on what you need to do so that you can achieve anything that you want to. It can give you a surge of confidence to bond with people, especially new friends and colleagues. It will help break the ice, and it will help you form connections quickly. Kunzite brings you inner peace and give you a high capacity for achieving wisdom and understanding. It will calm all the noise and chaos in your life, and you will enjoy peace and serenity whenever you need it. Kunzite will protect you and keep anything or anyone negative away from you.

It is believed that on a physical level Kunzite can strengthen heart muscles and boost your circulatory system. It will also be helpful to your skeletal and muscular system. It’s a good stone that can assist you with your anxiety and depression. It also sed that it can help you battle your addictions and your body deal with the effects of quitting your addictions. It will aid in the treatment of anemia. Its believed the energies are also good for treating any kind of inflammation or swelling.

Wearing crystal jewellery is a fantastic way to connect with crystals.





.Wear kunzite to help you express love. 

.Hold Kunzite with you when you have withdrawals. 

.Wear Kunzite to remove negativity and provide a protective energy field.

Setting an intention on your crystal

Once you have chosen your crystal to get started its important to set your intentions with your crystal.  While all crystals have certain properties that they naturally possess and things they can support you in, it's important to let your crystals know exactly what you would like them to help you with. Setting intentions with your crystals is a powerful exercise that can help you bring more positive energy, healing, abundance and balance into your life. Whatever your personal needs are all goals start with an intention and setting that intention on your crystal is a fantastic way of getting you started on the right path and helping you manifest those goals. Sit with your chosen crystal and clear your mind, focus on your crystal and set your intention of what you would like assistance with. Focus on the connection between your words and the stone and repeat until you feel your intention has been set.  

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