Faden Quartz


Is a beautiful stone that is easily programmed to your intention placed on it. It is a calming and stabilising stone that can aid balance and heal relationships if they have become distant or fractured. It is also thought to facilitate better communication between people and enhance relationships through soothing connections. The lines you see running through the crystal are signs of its own healing, Faden Quartz is formed from Quartz as it cracks and heals itself the lines are formed. Faden Quartz stone is said to be easily programmed through the intention of those around it as well as specific programming. Due to this it should always be cleansed properly when first received. 

When a crystal has effectively healed itself, it is obvious to deduce that it is extremely helpful in all forms of healing. In the case of Faden Quartz, its speciality is in healing anything that is broken. Faden Quartz is also a great crystal to use during a ‘cutting ties’ exercise. This is an exercise we undertake when we want to break the bonds or ties from negative past