The Crystal Test


There are so many beneficial crystals to choose from that can complement your lifestyle. You might resonate with certain stones or be attracted to them based on your personal healing needs. Certain stones are known to encourage love, bond  friendships, while others can aid you in combating anxiety and stress. The energy from the crystals can help protect the mind, body and soul. The types of crystals you are attracted to can realise certain aspects of your psychology, this quiz is to see which stone you need in your life right now.

What Crystal do I need? Take the quiz!

Did you know we are said to be intuitively drawn to the crystals we need the most?

Take a look at the crystals below, and take note of which ones your eyes linger on. Click the colour you feel most drawn to, this will show you what your crystal means and how it can assist you. We recommend choosing 2 to start, read their properties and choose the one with the properties that you feal will assist you the most. Don’t overthink it, trust yourself!  Its your story!  

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