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Energise Your Crystals 

Crystal Cleansing
Its wonderful to keep or have your crystals on show for everyone to see in your home or when worn as jewellery. However we must remember to cleanse them as they will absorbed yours and others peoples energy. Crystals and jewellery go through restful periods of time but they are re-activated as soon as you show them attention with a focus, and the easiest way to do this is to cleanse themHere are some of the most common cleansing methods on how to cleanse and align a crystal with your intention and more.

Setting an intention

Once you have chosen your crystal to get started its important to set your intentions with your crystal. While all crystals have certain properties that they naturally possess and things they can support you in, it's important to let your crystals know exactly what you would like them to help you with. Setting intentions with your crystals is a powerful exercise that can help you bring more positive energy, healing, abundance and balance into your life. 


Whatever your personal needs are all goals start with an intention and setting that intention on your crystal is a fantastic way of getting you started on the right path and helping you manifest those goals. Sit with your chosen crystal and clear your mind, focus on your crystal and set your intention of what you would like assistance with. Focus on the connection between your words and the stone and repeat until you feel your intention has been set.  


Natural Water

Water neutralises the negative energy stored in the stone and directs it back to the earth. 

Rinse and stimulate your stones with water by placing them under directly under natural rainfall for 4 to 5 minutes. If at the times its a spell of dry weather you can just place your stones in a colander and run your stones under a tap for about 5 minutes. Important to note: Water does have a physical force, so be sure to only clean hard stones such as Amethyst, Turquoise or Quartz in this method. Some crystals can not be placed in water because they are too soft, or brittle. Water can cause some stones to fracture and break, or even dissolve!. (selenite and other stones must not be run under water). Please check your stone before cleaning with water.


Moon light

Moonlight can charge and clean your gemstone. 

This is the easiest method of cleansing, and safe for all crystals. Also, the full moon can act as a reminder for you that your crystals need cleansing. Moonlight is a more delicate (and non color-altering) method that is especially effective with a full moon. Because the full moon is at its brightest and full potential this can increase the stone’s vibrations. Simply wait for the full moon cycle and place your crystals outside so that they are surrounded by the moons gentle energy and bring them back inside in the morning. If you don't have an outdoor area that is safe for your crystals to be placed, then a windowsill will work too. It does not matter if your window does not face the moon the moons energy will still be present.

Sun Light

It would be irresponsible to honour the moon and not recognise the power of the sun! Charging your crystals in the sunlight outside is much more effective than on a windowsill, this will super-charge your crystal and give it drive and focus needed. The solar energies tend to be more “masculine” and are better suited for programming. Some stones however can be susceptible to discolouration under the sun so try to opt to put them out early morning for an hour.


You can use the elements of the earth by burying your stones underground for a full day/24 hrs. Let the earth soak up all the unwanted energies contained within the stones so they are cleansed and refreshed.


Super Crystals 

There are some crystals that need no clearing and actually cleanse other stones, they have the ability to absorb, neutralise and then recharge your stones with higher vibrations. Among these rare treasures is Tourmaline, Selenite, Quartz and Amethyst, one of the most popular cleansing crystals is selenite to purify your stones of their negativity. To cleanse and charge your stones simply place them onto the crystal or Selenite slab for at least 4 hours. Or you can place them next to a large crystal cluster, likewise a beautiful Amethyst cluster can happily hold and bless other smaller stones.



Sage is a sacred plant with a multitude of healing properties and can be used with many different herbs. Cleansing your stones energy with sage is called smudging. Sage burning, or smudging, is a sacred practice that can be traced back through many cultures over thousands of years. The idea is that smoke is purifying because it captures the “bad energy” and then “ascends to the heavens.” Smudging your stone is said to clear inharmonious vibrations and restore its natural energy. Sage is also said to be beneficial to cleanse yourself, the home/rooms of negativity energy. The best time to cleanse you or your home/room would be on a night of a full moon. This also acts as a reminder to cleanse the stones your house or yourself.


To cleanse with sage you’ll need:

A firesafe bowl/dish

A lighter or matches

Loose or bundled sage stick

If you’re unable to smudge the stone outdoors, make sure to open a window this will allow the smoke and negative energy to disperse.

When you’re ready, light the end of your sage stick and after you have ignited the tip of the sage stick with the flame extinguish the flame in order to create the smoke. Transfer the sage to your non-dominant hand and firmly grasp your stone and move it through the smoke rotating it to create a smoke mist.

Allow the smoke to envelop the stone for about 30 seconds. If it’s been a while since your last cleansing — or you feel the stone is holding onto a lot — consider smudging for an additional 30 seconds.


Cleansing the home/room follow the same steps on lighting the smudge stick. You may want wish to hold a container in your other hand to catch ashes. You can direct the smoke around yourself or another person, for a home or room direct the smoke around the room and in each corner of the room. Again make sure to open a window/windows as this allows the smoke and negative energy to disperse. 

To extinguish your sage stick, smother the end in a firesafe bowl/dish and examine closely to make sure the stick is completely out. Please not your stick may continue to burn if not completely extinguished.

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