I started designing jewellery from my London based home back in 2014 before moving to Wales where my studio workshop is now based. Being drawn to Crystals and resonating with their healing properties based on personal experience of their potential healing energies i began my jewellery design journey using Crystals. Designing from my  workshop in South Wales Sharon Mckinley Designs now has stockists all over the UK and is renowned for producing unique, edgy jewellery with meaning for those with a creative spirit. I focus on ethically sourced leather and semi-precious stones, all of my crystals are hand selected by us cleansed and charged for you.


This handmade range centres on design, healing, beauty and craftsmanship. Using natural materials and taking inspiration from the welsh countryside and the way it flows effortlessly. The range offers timeless statement pieces that will enhance and inspire whilst focusing on stand out design with an urban edge. "The healing power of semi precious stones has always been a massive driving force for me and working with them has always been a pleasure and a privilege". Each piece is handcrafted for that personal and unique look,


Enjoy your jewellery!