Welcome to my page of wellbeing crystals and handmade jewellery 


I started designing jewellery from a London based home back in 2014 before moving to Wales where my workshop is now located. Being drawn to Crystals and resonating with their healing properties based on my own personal experience of their potential healing energies i began my jewellery design journey using crystals and leather producing unique, edgy jewellery with meaning for those with a creative spirit.whilst focusing on stand out design with an urban edge

I have been working with crystals for over 20 years and have built a trusted relationship with suppliers who's skills have been passed down to them through generations of small family run mining business's. "The healing power of semi precious stones has always been a massive driving force for me and working with them has always been a pleasure and a privilege".

We have a vast range of crystals and are always expanding our knowledge and selection in the hope of bringing more into people’s lives. 

All of our crystals are selected by us and are cleansed, charged ready for you and their new home. 


What We Do To Help 

Our eco-friendly mission

At Sharon Mckinley Designs we pride ourselves on wrapping your items well and whilst also keeping the environment in mind, making them a special gif to yourself, a friend

or a loved one.

Packing your orders we limit our bubble wrap usage, whilst ensuring your products are protected as much as we can. We only use certain amounts on more delicate items or when needed. Our environmental footprint has to be at the forefront of what we do and we endeavour to keep it as low as possible. All our packaging and logo stickers are recyclable with over half being made from recycled materials and our postal bags are biodegradable. The bubble wrap and peanut packaging we use is recycled packaging from our supplier orders and the postal boxes are made from recycled card, whilst still maintaining a high level of presentation and packaging for you.


The tissue paper and shredded paper is recycled and acid free to ensure the ink used is better on the environment as with our logo stickers. Most of our packaging, stickers, flyers and information cards are produced by us at our workshop in South Wales to help reduce carbon foot print.


With just a little bit of thought and care we look to help reduce our carbon footprint making it sustainable, protecting Mother Earth for ourselves. and many generations after us

Image by Dan Farrell