Handcrafted Crystal Jewellery with Meaning and Wellbeing Homewares

Original statement designs using crystals, semi precious stones & leather.

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The collection is handmade in our South Wales studio. Each piece is made using crystals and leather with care and outstanding quality. The range offers you timeless statement pieces that will enhance and inspire whilst focusing on stand out design, using healing crystals creating jewellery with meaning for you .



Is a stone of relaxation and release as it supports us and stimulates our crown charka allowing energy to flow. It is also said to help the body release toxins enabling us to clear our energy. A stone said to relieve tension and aid us in meditation as it brings about peaceful calm to the wearer

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Our environmental footprint has to be at the forefront of what we do and we endeavour to keep it as low as possible. All of our packaging and logo stickers are recyclable with over half being made from recycled materials and our postal bags are biodegradable. The paper and bubble wrap we use are recycled, the tissue paper is also acid free to insure the ink used is better on the environment as with my logo stickers. 

With just a little bit of thought and care we look to help reduce our carbon footprint making it sustainable, protecting Mother Earth for ourselves and many generations after us 

handpoured candle gift boxes

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